Applications of Oil Filled Transformers

Oil Transformers are use in a wide array of applications, and are usually high voltage transformers. Because of safety reason and the flammability of the oil in the transformer, they are mostly used for outside applications. One of the safety features in an oil filled transformers is a sensor to tell if gas is accumulating inside the transformer, which is a sign of an electric arc in the winding. This prevents catastrophic burnout. Below are a list of a few areas where oil filled transformer are used.

Power plants

Hydro-electric plants

Steam plants applications

Coal facilities

Nuclear plantsoilfilledtransformers2

Industrial manufacturing facilities

Any applications where high voltage transformer are used.

Maintenance of Oil Filled Transformers

Maintenance is fairly simple but vital to maximize the transformer life expectancy. Checking of the gas relays, the operation of taps and checking for oil leaks. Radiators may need to be cleaned in areas where deposits appear on pipes and headers because dust and dirt will hamper heat transfer to the cooling air. Radiators also need to be checked for oil leaks, and they can get plugged by dirt and sludge. If the temperature seems to be increasing while the transformer is operating under the same load, check the DGA for moisture, oxygen, and the interfacial tension. The combination of oxygen and moisture cause the build up of sludge. Sludge will slowly build up on windings and core, and the temperature will increase over time. There are testing that can be done on the transformer oil dielectric strength that can help detect if the transformer is in trouble or gives you the option of replacing it or changing it oil.

Highest Quality Oil Filled Transformers

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